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I'm not sure why, but when I searched for Hugpages this community came up. Are you a member?

FilePlanet Sucks

In my last entry I was talking about how I was looking forward to Warhammer Online. Well I was browsing the WoW forums and some guy posted a link for free WAR beta keys. I click on the link and sure enough they had a couple thousand free keys so I register for the site and get one.

I then go to Fileplanet to download the beta client. It says the wait will be 4 hours just to start the download so I leave my computer online all night and wake up the next day and start the download. I download about 2 gigs out of 9 gigs and there is an error with the download and I can't restart the download without getting back in line and wait another 3-4 hours. So I'm never using fileplanet again they suck.

Some sucky credit cards: Circuit city credit card and Walmart credit card


Wow Time Flys

I can't believe it's already September, and I haven't made a new entry since I first joined Live Journal back in July. I have been really busy working on my websites. Some of my recent work: Vanilla Visa gift card, HubPages, and Macy's credit card.

I'm also really looking forward to Warhammer Online. I'm an ex-WoW junkie, been clean since May 2008, and I'm hoping Warhammer can fill the void that World of Warcraft left. Right now I'm downloading the open beta client, and hopefully I will enjoy it and start smashing order faces on Sept 18th.

My first Entry

So I came across LiveJournal while doing some searching for keywords for my websites: Apply for a credit card & Paid Surveys.  This looks like a pretty good community website and I hope I meet some like minded people who create and promote websites like me.



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